Hi! I’m Miriam, and this is my blog, Crafted by Christ. Crafted by Christ is a blog written specifically for teenage and pre-teen girls. Being a teenager myself, I have a passion for encouraging girls both my age and younger than me in their walk with Christ. I  love sewing, reading, and basically everything crafty, so this blog will contain many tutorials and posts relating to these subjects and anything else I may be inspired to write about.

You may be wondering why I chose to name my blog “Crafted by Christ”. I chose this title because it doesn’t only illustrate that we were meticulously crafted by Christ to fulfill His will for our lives, it also tells of my love for creativity and all things crafty. I’m just a beginner when it comes to blogging, so I definitely would love to hear your feedback on my upcoming posts. I’m praying for each and every one of you who stumbles upon this blog. So enjoy! I hope and pray that you are encouraged in your relationship with Christ and are inspired to use your talents and creativity for Him!

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