How to Thrive This School Year

Well, we are now several weeks into the school year.

We’ve fallen into a routine of the same old things every day. Something I’ve been considering, though, is why should this school year be the same as all of the others? Why should we just try to survive each day, remembering that every day is closer to graduation?

I believe that God wants each of to thrive in our day-to-day lives, so here is a list I compiled to make this school year the best yet. Enjoy!

1) Commit to God’s Word. You know how we are always meaning to get into the Bible. Why not just DO IT? Wake up 10 minutes early or stay up 10 minutes late. Read the “Proverb of the day” and pray for a few things that are on your heart. Reflect on the sacrifice given to us by our God. He DIED for us; why, then, is He last on our priority list? Commit to spending time with God now to make it a habit for the rest of your life and you will never regret it.Random.jpg

2) Just do it. Follow Nike’s instructions and quit procrastinating. It will make our lives so much less stressful, don’t you think?

3) Find a quality group of strong, Christian friends. Find a true community where you feel safe and loved: people you know you can trust and who are praying for you. Trust me, your school year will go so much better.

(By the way, if you don’t have any friends like this, shoot me an email and I would be happy to be that friend!)

4) Quit thinking about yourself. Focusing on others and how Christ would have us serve them is so much more fulfilling than only being concerned about ourselves.

5) Take a year off from boys. Use this year to concentrate completely on God, without messy relationships getting in the way.

6) Wear it anyway. If you really love that outfit, wear it. Who cares what other people think of you as long as your outfit is God-honoring and you feel comfortable in it? Try it just once and see how much more confident you feel!

7) Stand up for what’s right, no matter the cost. If you are uncomfortable with a conversation or activity, say so. If you need to back out a friendship, do so. God honors right choices. Remember that it is Him we ultimately want to please.

I hope these tips were at least somewhat helpful to you! These are things that I am going to working on improving this school year. I would love it if you commented below with anything that you are striving for so we can be encouraged by one another to THRIVE in life and in our relationship with Jesus!

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